“Working with Daniel and More Hot Leads is fantastic for people with any level of knowledge when it comes to online presence. He breaks things down in a very understandable way, and really listens to your needs. Through very targeted campaigns and tailored solutions you see results quickly. Daniel gives you reports, shows the steps that have been taken so that you can be confident the marketing dollars being spent are as effective as possible. If you are a small or mid-size business, you are able to compete with larger companies through smart strategy, constant research and focusing on your best type of opportunities.”
Mike Crompton
“More Hot Leads have literally transformed our business allowing us to expand our presence to more cities and grow our bottom line by 20% since we started. We now have stores in 3 different cities throughout Canada and are generating an average of 100 phone calls per location per month because of SEO.” Bart S., Owner of The Joint Head Shop Inc.
Bart S.

"Last month alone, More Hot Leads increased our organic traffic by 50% - resulting in 10 new patients that would not have booked otherwise. We are now getting more calls from Google organic than paid and we are showing up on the maps too! I am very happy with my choice to go with Daniel and More Hot Leads."
Gina Imbrogno
"Josh and Dan have seriously helped my law firm grow and have established me as one of the top defense base act lawyers in the US with their online marketing skills."
Matthew T. Singer
“In an industry where there is a lot of BS going around, it is refreshing to see people like Josh and Daniel at More Hot Leads who not only know how to get results, but also care about the clients they work with.”
Helina Patience