Case Study – MakeIt!

Facebook and Instagram Ads to Promote Their Event to a Targeted Audience, SEM to Bring New Traffic, Leads, and Clients


Make It Show is a Western Canadian artisan and handmade craft show held across 3 different cities in BC & Alberta. They hold annual winter holiday craft shows and spring shows that attract hundreds of local artisans and thousands of customers every year!


The founder of Make It! came to us when she found out that their old digital marketing team had closed shop. She had 3 quickly approaching holiday market shows and was under a lot of pressure to make sure that the targeted paid ad campaigns were up and running, and most importantly driving ticket sales & event responses as soon as possible.


We knew that if used properly, we could leverage the power of targeted paid ads in order to get their upcoming events in front of the right people and increase their online ticket sales and their overall attendance at their shows.

Since they had previously ran campaigns using paid ads on Facebook, Instagram & Google (display remarketing) we decided to dive into what was previously done and tweak the old campaigns in order to achieve better results. We therefore cloned their old campaigns and began optimizing their ads to meet our own guidelines and processes.

One of the most important asset that we leveraged was Make It!’s massive email list of previous attendees and customers. Using these lists, we were able to create custom audiences of localized past attendees and lookalike audiences of people who are 99% similar to those past attendees based on their Facebook & Instagram activity. We further narrowed these audiences by adding more specific interests such as arts & crafts, holiday events, jewelry, woodworking, & more related topics/interests.

Once we had the targeted audiences really nailed down, we began creating multiple ads with a variety of different headlines and images so we could A/B test which ones were performing best. We ran ads both to the Facebook event page as well as the ticket sales page on a third party ticket provider site. The idea was to make sure that we could both create more brand awareness by increasing the number of attendees, and increase advanced online ticket sales as well.


Not only did we manage to increase the total reach of the campaigns compared to previous years, we also managed to lower the average cost per click (CPC) & increase overall online ticket sales! The holiday markets promotion saw record numbers in Vancouver & Edmonton!

In total, we spent approx. $3000 USD on Facebook & Instagram Ads to promote the winter markets, which led to a combined total of of 8,000+ clicks, 1,000+ event responses and more than $25,000 of ticket sales. With Google Display retargeting ads, we added another 500 clicks and 50 ticket sales to the mix!

The numbers were even better during their spring show promotion with an ever lower CPC, and almost $10,000 more tickets sold compared to the previous year!


“Daniel & More Hot Leads have seriously killed it for us with their Facebook advertising. We switched to them after working with another provider and the results have just been awesome! The past two rounds of shows that Daniel has worked on have had record turn outs and we contribute a lot of this success to their work.”
– Jenna Herbut, CEO & Founder of Make It Productions



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