Case Study – Reznik Standard

PPC to Bring New Traffic, Leads, and Clients through SEM


Reznik Standard Renovations is a local Winnipeg contractor that provides exceptional high-end residential renovations and landscaping services. They specialize in building high-quality decks and fences in the summer, and bathrooms and basements in the winter


To fill up their calendar with fence, deck & landscaping jobs over the summer. The reason that they wanted to do this was to be able to start saying no to prospective jobs and only take the projects that they wanted to work on. They came to More Hot Leads at the end of May, already 1 month into the season, so they needed a solution implemented quick


Run Google Ads to a few simple landing pages designed to showcase their work & get the visitor to request a quote for decks, fences and landscaping work in Winnipeg. This makes it possible to start getting qualified leads sent their way within a few weeks so that they could start filling up their summer calendar as soon as possible, and not have to wait until the following season.

With their existing website experiencing some technical issues, the task was to build them a simple dedicated landing page that showcased their previous jobs, but also made it super easy for people to get in touch with them to request a quote. After all if people are searching for “fence builder Winnipeg”, they are most likely looking to hire someone- or at least get a quote. Since Reznik Standard Renovations would be paying for that qualified traffic, it was important to make sure that the traffic had the greatest chance of converting into a lead, by adding large clickable phone numbers and big call to action buttons to get a quote.

In Google Ads, 9 separate ad groups were created- one for each keyword group related to their  main summer services. Plus a few “Call Only” ads were made with the purpose of receiving phone calls directly from the ads themselves.


With an ad spend budget of $50/day, the amount of targeted traffic increased towards the newly designed dedicated landing page and start generating leads within the FIRST DAY of running the Google ad campaign!

In the first week alone, 11 new leads were generated for our client! In the whole first month, 44 total leads were generated (with the campaign even paused for a week!)

In total throughout the campaign, there were 1,137 targeted clicks to the client’s new landing page, which led to a total of 144  leads from the website & calls from the ad!

The client’s total ad spend was over the summer was $2356.41 with an average cost per click (CPC) of just over $2. Their cost per conversion (lead) was $16.36.

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