About Us

Marketing is a good gig and we really love what we do. Using tested tactics combined with creative strategies in order to make our clients’ more visible online and their businesses as profitable as possible is fun! And to be honest, getting in to the office on Mondays isn’t a hassle. We love the new week and the challenges and adventures that they bring us.

The talented folk that make up More Hot Leads come from all walks of life and span the globe. We are a collection of westerners, easterners, northerners and southerners. Our life experience is just as important as our work experience, and as our clients, your life experience is just as important as ours.

As entrepreneurs, we have been (and are) in your shoes. We know exactly how overwhelming it can feel to own a business, and also how good it feels when you find a solution (technology or a partner) that takes part of that stress off your shoulders. At More Hot Leads, we take the burden off of bringing YOU leads on a steady and predictable basis, and getting YOU customers, so you can breathe easy and smile before you go to sleep at night, instead of tossing and turning wondering when you’re going to fit in client getting with the rest of your business’ day to day. We like being your go to and your partner. Your successes are our successes and we celebrate them accordingly.

  • Represent products/companies/services that we believe in and do NOT work on anything that we do not believe in
  • Plan ahead, work according to systems and guidelines
  • Under promise…..Over deliver
  • Effective usage of people’s abilities
  • Always be learning and growing —- always getting better at what we do
  • Everyone reaches their potential and help them get there
  • Help employ people in developing countries
  • Patience for the process
  • Listen to each other, our clients and our service providers
  • Each relationship is win-win
  • Keep it simple
  • Maintain our integrity and fairness at all times
  • No assholes – if you can’t play nice with others, you can’t play with us  (This goes for employees and clients)

Here is a little something about each of us, where we come from, and what makes us tick.

Joshua Polsky

Born and raised in St. Louis “Mizzourah”, I moved to Israel in ‘09 where I eventually met my wife and started a family with a daughter that is already smarter than I, and a son that is better looking.
I love the internet and the fact that it makes it possible to work from anywhere, so that’s the plan man. Maybe it’ll be in Thailand, perhaps you’ll find me one day in New Zealand working on your account. Whatever the case, I’ll be broadening my horizon and developing myself both personally and professionally.
My top 3 favorite bands in particular order are the Grateful Dead, Beastie Boys, and A Tribe Called Quest. Favorite sports teams are the St. Louis Cardinals and Blues, Mizzou Tigers, and Team USA men’s Dodgeball. I like cilantro, my wife doesn’t. Currently she’s winning because my daughter doesn’t either. My son is still feeding, so there’s a chance I can go one for two.
I also make awesome hummus, so if you want the recipe, just email us and I’ll get it to you.

Daniel Moscovitch

Daniel was born and raised in Winnipeg, MB. At the age of 23, he decided he wanted to see the world, so he picked up and began his travels. He spent the next decade living in both Vancouver, BC & Tel Aviv as well as traveling throughout Asia, Europe & the Middle East.
While in Tel Aviv, Daniel got in to SEO & Online Marketing while working for one of Israel’s top digital marketing agencies. Once he found out he could influence Google’s search results and bring significant value to the businesses he worked with, he never looked back. In 2015 he left the agency to co-found More Hot Leads.
He has since returned home to Winnipeg to be closer to his family, his beautiful girlfriend and his summer cottage. When not on the computer or meeting with clients, you will find Daniel hanging out with friends, going to concerts or spending time outdoors.
Daniel loves what he does because he gets to help driven business owners grow their businesses, as well as work with a team of amazingly talented people from around the globe. He is constantly learning and loves sharing his knowledge of SEO & marketing with others. You might find him at a Meetup or networking event near you.

Yoseff Shachor – Project Manager, Safety Net

Yoseff is just your regular guy. He likes watching Game of Thrones, and trying to talk in a British accent. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, and a Master’s Degree in Management. Yoseff enjoys being the Project Manager for More Hot Leads because organizing things is what he does for a hobby- so he might as well make a career out of it. His other hobbies include fishing, playing the bass guitar, and experimenting with brewing beer.

Binay Acharya – Web Master Extraordinaire

I’m an Opeth fan who loves doing digital marketing. I joined More Hot leads in 2017 and have been assisting the team by creating wordpress websites, designing landing pages as well as working on SEO projects. In my free time i’m usually found obsessing over football(the european one) and music.

Matthew Kaisaris – Project & Operations Manager

Matthew is our Winnipeg based Project Manager who will be working both on the back-end of your campaigns to make sure everything is running smoothly, and with you on the front-end of your campaigns to ensure you are with us every step of the way. Matthew found his start by rubbing shoulders with the who’s-who of Winnipeg from a tailoring perspective, and moved onto tailoring his services to our client’s digital marketing needs (pun very-much intended). With a formal background in Business Analysis, Matthew jumped in with our team at More Hot Leads to keep us running like a well-oiled machine.