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SEO to Rank High Organically, Pay Per Click Ads to Bring Leads and Clients, Facebook Ads to Brand Themselves With Content, and Conversion Optimization on the Website


BC Hardwood is Vancouver’s Premier hardwood flooring company specializing in luxury & high-end hardwood flooring since 1904. They have two offices in Vancouver and work on projects throughout BC & the rest of Canada.


When More Hot Leads first started with BC Hardwood, their immediate needs and desires were to outrank their competition and increase their organic rankings on Google. They wanted to make sure that they were first when anyone searched for anything related to hardwood and Vancouver. Once that goal was achieved, they then wanted to focus on how to educate their target audience on the intricacies of hardwood flooring in order for them to become an industry leader. Finally, with all of this increased traffic, they needed a way to convert more of their online visitors into leads. Their average project/client value can be upwards of $50,000 (and more), so as long they were able to receive more leads than before, then they would consider the project a success.


First focus on increasing their organic traffic on Google by improving their SEO results. This was achieved from a combination of onpage optimization to their existing site and offpage SEO linkbuilding. Because they had such a strong online reputation already, the rankings kicked in within the first six months of work.

With a consistent increase in traffic to their website coming from Google search, it was time to focus on content marketing in order to achieve their goal of standing out as an industry expert – separating themselves from the other hardwood flooring company out there.

A marketing plan was developed which consisted of continuous creation of content (videos and written) and targeted promotion using paid Facebook Ads.

In order to not lose the paid traffic that the site was getting from the Facebook Ads, a lead magnet was created and called “Hardwood 101 – A Guide to Everything Hardwood” which visitors can access in exchange for their name and email.

Finally, because BC Hardwood was having an issue converting the increased traffic into increased leads, additional visible calls to action were added, including a clickable phone number in their site header and more ways for them to request a quote.


SEO & Google Ads:

With onpage SEO & off page linkbuilding, BC Hardwood succeeded in getting to the top of Google for all terms related to hardwood flooring in Vancouver (and some surrounding cities as well).

These increased rankings led to increased traffic as well. In the past year, has received just under 20,000 visitors to their website, more than HALF of them from organic SEO!

It also decided to leverage paid Google ads so that branded keywords could be locked down & steal some traffic from their competition as well (something that they said they wanted to do).

Facebook Ads & Content Marketing:

The paid content promotion on Facebook has also been very successful. With the new videos being promoted and new blog posts being added every month, BC Hardwood leveraged the power of Facebook ads to drive targeted traffic to their content with the hopes of them sticking around the site more and eventually becoming a lead. The Facebook ads were geared towards two distinct audiences: 1) homeowners and 2) designers, architects and contractors. The latter audience has been much more active, which is great because they are the desired customer for BC Hardwood.

Two continuous campaigns have been running successfully. The first is a campaign promoting the latest blog post or article that is released every month to homeowners and contractors/designers. The second has been a retargeting campaign promoting the Hardwood 101 Guide and sending past visitors who have already engaged with BCH to a squeeze page where they can sign up to access the guide.

In total, over 2,000 clicks were driven to BC Hardwood’s content from relevant and highly specific target audiences with a budget of $15/day. This traffic has resulted in 41 new leads! The Hardwood 101 Guide has also been downloaded 34 times by mostly contractors & designers!

Conversion Rate Optimization:

After making the minor tweaks to the website in order to make it easier for users to get in touch and request a quote, the visitor to lead conversion rate has more than doubled!

Working with Daniel and More Hot Leads is fantastic for people with any level of knowledge when it comes to online presence. He breaks things down in a very understandable way, and really listens to your needs. Through very targeted campaigns and tailored solutions you see results quickly. Daniel gives you reports, shows the steps that have been taken so that you can be confident the marketing dollars being spent are as effective as possible. If you are a small or mid-size business, you are able to compete with larger companies through smart strategy, constant research and focusing on your best type of opportunities.”
– Mike Crompton, Sales Manager @ BC Hardwood

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