Why You Need To Commit To Your Business & Invest In Online Marketing In 2019

Why You Need To Commit To Your Business & Invest In Online Marketing In 2019

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Commit To Your Business & Invest In Online Marketing In 2019

As we enter the final year of the 20-teens and move towards becoming a young adult in this 21st Century, it is time for those businesses who have not begun to take their marketing online yet to wake up, get serious about their future and commit to online marketing for years to come.


Why Commit?

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If you’re like most business owners, you started a business because you had a skill or passion that you wanted to turn into a revenue stream. Or if you’re like me, you had nothing to lose and didn’t know anything else but the entrepreneur hustle. Maybe your business is still in its infancy, or maybe you have been around for years. Either way, you got into business with a dream, a vision and a commitment to make your life, and the life of those around you, better.

So if you already made this commitment to yourself, why not commit to a predictable & scalable lead generation strategy that will allow you to achieve the lifestyle you want for you and your loved ones?



Why Digital Marketing?

Here are 4 reasons why digital marketing may just be the best thing for your business in 2019….

  1. It is predictable
    As great of word of mouth referrals are, they can dry up or can come in waves. In comparison, a properly executed digital marketing strategy will result in your business getting repeatable leads every month, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not new business will be coming in or not. That means that you can not only focus on serving your clients with excellence, but also plan ahead more accurately for future growth.
  2.  Your dream clients are online
    Right now, as you read this, chances are your dream clients are online. They could be searching for a product or service you provide or scrolling through Facebook or Instagram. But one thing is for sure: If you are not investing in online marketing at the moment, they are not finding you….but finding your competitors instead.  
  3.  It is focused & targeted
     Unlike traditional forms of marketing where you are often shouting your message out loud to everyone and hoping that someone in your target audience will hear it, with online marketing we can be laser focused in our targeting. This means that instead of trying to shout louder than the next guy/gal to get your message in front of people, we can show it only to those who you deem worthy enough to be your clients. With Facebook & LinkedIn ads, we can target people of certain ages, professions, and those who have shown prior interests to the products and services that you provide.
  4. It is measurable & scalable
    It is very hard to measure the effectiveness of traditional marketing campaigns (radio, tv, newspaper, magazines, etc.), but with digital marketing this is not the case. We are able to measure everything from website visits, to tracking leads and conversions. Not only are we able to quantify it, but we are able to tell where they came from so that we know which marketing activities are working best at reaching your desired goals & KPIs.

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For example, if we see that a paid Google Ads or SEO campaign is yielding more leads than a Facebook ad campaign, then we may decide to shift focus completely to Google (or vice versa).

Since we are able to measure results so accurately, we can then predictably scale up our efforts when ready. If we know that Google marketing has resulted in a 500% ROI in one market, we can then expect that if we increase budget or expand into another market then we will be able to get even better results.

Why Now?

It is almost 2020, and more and more businesses are slowly realizing the importance of online advertising. However, it is still very much an open game. Yes, there may be some markets that are already more competitive than others, but if you wait another 5 years before taking action to make your business visible online, then consider how many more businesses you will need to compete with then. As long people continue to use platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and as long as we are able to market on them effectively, then there will always be value in being there. So why not start today?


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One thing I hear a lot from local business owners is the following:

“Oh I tried spending $100 on Facebook ads once, but nothing came out of it” or “Oh yeah, we tried Yellow Pages SEO for a few months, but it didn’t work”.

The problem with these statements is that they tried once and gave up all together, even though they just dipped their toes in the water. In order to actually get results that stick and bring a positive ROI, you must be committed and willing to invest much more than a few hundred dollars and stick with it until the money and leads come rolling in.

With a strategy like SEO, patience is key, and you need a budget to invest in a monthly campaign for months before the results kick in. That might sound hard for a business that is trying to get off the ground, so that’s why we employ certain services and tactics (like paid ads) that provide results and ROI for our clients as soon as possible.

If you are really serious about online marketing and want to get real results that will take your business to the next level, you must be prepared to spend more than just a few hundred dollars a month. If you don’t think that your business can afford this right now, ask yourself the following question.

Can your business afford NOT to do this right now?

You know that you need to be online in order to get in front of your ideal customer, so why not invest in your marketing in order to do this with ease?

Ready To Commit & Invest In Your Business’ Future? Book A Free Strategy Session. Just fill out the form here, and we’ll get back to you within 24-48 business hours. 

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