Content Marketing

Content Marketing

With so much info, and quick access to it, people are far more proactive and informed than ever before. No matter if the purchase is done online or in a mom and pop store on the corner, for most consumers, the customer journey starts well before the money changes hands. It starts when the person began to think that, “hey, it might be nice to have *insert your product or service here*”. And so the process of researching and reading up begins.

This means that companies must now be authors, writers, columnists, dare we say, publishers.

When people start looking for reference materials or reviews or any kind of info, they need to find content that can hold their attention and provide value, while showing them how your product or service fits into their lives.

We LOVE creating content. It really is a blast to create a custom content strategy that fits within your overall marketing strategy. It’s not just about a story-line or topic, but the words we use and where we place them in the context of the piece. Our seasoned writers walk along-side you through each step of the process—from developing the overarching content and strategy, the messaging and tone of each piece, even what pictures to use, providing guidance for each piece of content that goes out, whether in a targeted marketing campaign, your blog, or as a lead generation tool.


The writers at More Hot Leads have a long and successful history of creating content that gets you exposure and leads.

Our content writing ninjas offer a truly unique skillset that combines ideation and creative development, social media savvy, and search engine friendliness.

Our tribe of content marketing experts offers:

  • Content Strategy Development to help you engage with the proper audience with creativity and authenticity.
  • Custom Content Development to impress your brand’s followers with fresh content, imagery, and infographics, as well as original video shot and produced by our partners in various cities.


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