EverYoung Med Case Study

Case Study – EverYoung Medical Aesthetics

Conversion Rate Optimization For The Site To Exploit Existing Traffic, SEO To Bring New Traffic, Leads, and Clients


EverYoung Medical Aesthetics Centre is a British Columbia based medical aesthetics and skin care clinic with 2 locations in Metro Vancouver (Burnaby & Coquitlam). They had an ample amount of existing clients that came by word of mouth, but knew this business model wasn’t conducive to scaling to new locations. They understood the importance of investing in online lead generation by leveraging the exposure that, when used properly, the internet provides.


EverYoung Med needed to increase their business bookings with consistent appointments and new patients, using their website as a tool to accomplish this. To do this, they needed to increase organic traffic towards to the website and make it more user and conversion friendly, eventually generating more leads which would in turn convert into clients.


Redesign the entire website. Optimize new site to meet all of Google’s ranking algorithm’s requirements. Decrease bounce rate and increase time on page/site to show Google that the site is engaging and relevant.

Restructure the site’s Conversion Rate Optimization, making it easier for clients to call and book an appointment. Create local content to boost the page’s authority in Google. Embed Google maps and other Google properties on the site to increase its appearance in Google when people search for the relevant keywords. Coordinate the site with Google My Business- which allows for potential clients to search for the business and locate it on a map.


  •    More than 1,200 organic sessions per month- up from ~350 (a 342% increase)
  •    205 goal completions (requests for appointments online)- up from 86.
  •    The reduced Bounce Rate is now 10% (a decrease of 30%)
  •    The Average Time on Site has increased to 3:41(from 2:36)
  •    In a single month there have been 217 unique leads- with 20% of those converted to new patients
  •    An ROI of 1176% (a $2,500 per month investment into $29,400 of revenue)
  •    As a result of the Google My Business listing- EverYoung Med received 110 phone calls to one location, and 112 to the second

The increase in business has allowed EverYoung Med to lease a brand new office space in Burnaby, 10X the size of their existing office


“Daniel & More Hot Leads have been instrumental at helping us grow our practice. They have gotten us to the top of Google for numerous of our top keywords and as a result our business is booming & we are now able to open up another clinic. Thanks Daniel!
– Dr. Jia Zheng, Owner of EverYoungMedical Aesthetics Centre



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