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Facebook Advertising

Did you know that between the US and Canada, there are 263 million Facebook users? That’s a lot of people. Not to mention, those people spend an average of 35 minutes per day on the social platform. That’s a lot of opportunity to spread your message. Yet, less than 10% of businesses actually advertise on its platform!

Yes it’s true, the title of this page is Facebook & Instagram Advertising, however it’s not always about ads in the traditional sense, where you pay to run your ad for a product or service. With Facebook you have the option to do a lot more than promote a product or service. Since FB is by nature social, you are able to increase your online presence with branding by circulating content and creative promotions that display knowledge and value to your target audience.

Target audience, get used to that word, because that’s one of the linchpins of a successful Facebook campaign. Unlike PPC/SEM where you choose what words will make your ads appear. Facebook, on the other hand, allows you to target the exact types of people that fit the mold of your ideal client.

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So what are these targeted audiences? Think about your ideal customer or client, not just through the lens of how they benefit from your offering, but who they are outside of that perspective. Is it a man or a woman? Does he or she have a family? Where do they live and what do they do for a living? This is just scratching the surface of all the different details you can use when targeting people. Political affiliations, hobbies, religious leanings, cultural interests, movies and bands they like, the sky really is the limit.  

The way we determine those targeting details is to create what is known as the Customer Avatar. We have an actual workbook you fill out detailing your exact client type or types, even giving them a name. After all, your audience is made up of people. Once the avatar is built, we’ll know exactly whom to target.


Two other really cool ways to target people are through what’s called look-alike audiences and retargeting.

Look-alike audiences are exactly how they sound. You tell Facebook your targeting criteria, and then you tell it to look for other people like that, further expanding your reach to your ideal leads. We can even import your existing customer list and find people 99% similar to them. How cool is that?!

Retargeting is a way to get your business BACK in front of people that have already shown interest in you, either by targeting people that have already clicked on your ads, or those that have been to your website previously. You know how when you go to a website for the first time ever, and then suddenly you start seeing ads for that business everywhere? That’s retargeting. Slightly creepy being on the receiving end, but super powerful being on the business end.

Then we figure out what to show them. Each persona and the way they’d interact with you is different. This is where you can get creative and figure out the best ways to engage the audience. Some might want to be slowly welcomed into your sphere of influence by reading lists of things that make their current situation difficult, and how to remedy them. Others might want to see videos or receive promotional discounts.

A great thing about Facebook’s & Instagram’s platform is that it lets you see all the statistics related to your campaigns, so we can really measure what’s working and what isn’t, enabling us to allocate resources to more successful ads, and turn off what isn’t.


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