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Generate leads, drive website traffic, and build brand awareness

LinkedIn may not be your first thought when considering targeted marketing. Facebook has a greater reach, as do both Instagram and Youtube. But LinkedIn offers a gateway to a pool of 560 million professionals, most of whom are driving business decisions. That’s a resource that any business to business organization can’t ignore.

The three tools for driving business on LinkedIn are:

  • Sponsored Content – Native ads show up directly in a user’s news feed. This puts you in front of an audience who is actively engaging with the content in their feed.
  • Sponsored Inmail – With LinkedIn sponsored inmail, we can put personalized emails in potential customer’s inboxes, increasing your chances of engagement.
  • Text Ads – These are simple, pay per click or cost per impression ads that can be targeted to just the right people. With trackable KPI’s, they can be incredibly effective.

Using one, or a combination, of these three tools, we can drive impressions and clicks to you.


Your targeted marketing expert

At More Hot Leads we specialize in creating and implementing targeted marketing, which means much more than just getting people to find you. It means creating campaigns that will speak to people who want what you have to offer and converting them into your customer.

We implement the various ad types, targeting tools, and draw from our own vast experience to create ad campaigns which engage a community of professionals who make decisions and drive actions relevant to your business.


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