Overseas-Contractors Case Study

Case Study

A New Website and SEO to Bring New Traffic, Leads, and Clients


Matthew Singer is an American attorney who specializes in defending US defense contractors injured overseas, who have different rights that those of troops in the US Armed Forces. This type of law is called Defense Base Act Law. When he approached us, he had no website and was only getting new clients through referrals and word of mouth.


Matthew wanted to increase the amount of qualified leads towards his law firm- using Google organic search. When people use Google and search for the keywords: Dba lawyers, Dba attorneys, Defense Base Act Lawyer, Defense base act attorney- He wanted his firm to rank on the top. Matthew knew that if he gained a high ranking position on web searches, and had a website which is attractive and informative- not only would this bring in those qualified leads, but it would help convert those leads into clients.


Start by creating a website designed to increase conversions and qualified leads. Then create content and optimize it properly for Google and other search engines so that it will appear in the relevant searches. Next, establish the client’s website (Overseas-Contractors.com) as a brand and significant authority in Defense Base Act Law. Lastly, use relevant blogging to increase the site’s overall power.


  • Overseas-contractors.com is on the first page of Google for multiple related search phrases and is getting a consistent flow of new leads every month.
    Generated an additional $750,000 since we started working together.
  • Branded profiles across all high authority social platforms, related niche directories and other powerful websites where Google looks for trust signals.
  • Acquired high-authority guest posts from relevant blogs and industry publications, cementing the site on a higher ranking level in web searches.
  • Average time on page for top 3 destination pages on the site is over 3 minutes.
  • Average of 100 new unique visitors each month.


What Matthew Says About More Hot Leads:

“Josh and Dan at More Hot Leads have seriously helped my law firm grow and have established me as one of the top defense base act lawyers in the US with their online marketing skills.”

Matthew T. Singer, Overseas-Contractors


Defense Base Act Law

Digital Design
Social Profile Creation
Guest Post Outreach
White Hat Backlinking

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