Google Ads & Bing PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising and Search Engine Marketing

PPC (pay per click) advertising, also known as Search Engine Marketing, is the quickest way to get in front of your dream client online. This type of advertising is where you only pay when someone clicks your ad. Meaning you pay only for someone that is genuinely interested in you or your product/service.

The beauty of it is that since they are already looking for the type of product or service you provide, they are past the first couple phases of the sales funnel, ready to make a decision. Now all you need to do it present them with a compelling argument as to why they should choose you over your competitors.


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Let’s walk through the PPC process and pick apart the different aspects.

So you’ve chosen the words for which you want to appear in searches, as well as locations if you only provide a service or product for a specific area.

Then, someone Googles (or Bings, or Siris, we don’t discriminate but still, Google dominates the landscape) what they’re looking for, and ads and organic rankings show up. With Google, depending on what’s being searched, ads show up at the top above organic rankings, and below them. On Bing, they’ll also show up on the sides.

Now it’s up to the person to decide what to click, ad or organic, and if an ad, which one. This is where skills, experience, and knowledge of best practices come in. The text of the ad needs to be catchy and engaging, yet descriptive enough to get the lead to want to click through to your website, or where you decide to send them.

There are also limitations on how many letters and spaces you can put in the ad, so being able to squeeze a proper message into the tiny amount of space is a must if you want people to click on you instead of the competition.


Once they click, they are taken to a web page that is designed strictly to convert the visitor into a lead. You can use your website if it is properly optimized, but we have found that pages dedicated only to what your ad is offering convert at a much higher rate.

These landing pages, as they’re called, have text that talks about what the visitor is experiencing, and how your offering remedy’s the issue. The design is also a factor, as aesthetics play a role in whether or not people convert from a visitor to a lead or a customer.

The question now becomes, is this marketing tactic right for you?

Some things to consider….

  • What are you offering? If what you are selling is a big ticket item, trying to sell it with one ad is likely not going to get it done. However you can use PPC to collect leads by offering them a free quote. If it’s more of an impulse buy, using an ad with a hard sell might be the right way to go.
  • What is your timeline? Do you need sales and/or leads right now? There is no better way to instantly get in front of your target audience than by running ads. SEO can take months to kick in, so if you have time go for it. But if you’re in a time crunch, PPC is the way to go.
  • How many clicks do you need in order to acquire your desired amount of new leads and customers? Although Google has been doing a better job at disguising its ads and this has resulted in higher click through rates (CTR), there are still those people who refuse to click on ads and skip straight to the organic results. This means that PPC may yield fewer clicks and therefore fewer leads as a result.
  • What is your cost per lead acquisition? Clicks can cost as little as 25 cents, and a much as $2000 dollars depending on what you’re selling and how much your competitors are currently bidding. Now figure in how many leads you need to talk to in order to close one customer, and that’s your Cost Per Acquisition. Can you still make a margin? If so, this is for you. Can’t do the math? Don’t worry, we have a special ROI calculator just for this!
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