Prairie Trail Physiotherapy Case Study

Case Study – Prairie Trail Physiotherapy

A New Website, Pay-per-click Advertising, and SEO to Bring New Traffic, Leads, and Clients


Prairie Trail is a local physiotherapy & sports injury clinic based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. They had enough clients coming in, but mainly by word of mouth. They wanted to completely fill their business bookings with consistent appointments and new patients but understood that they don’t have control over word of mouth recommendations. Additionally, they wanted someone to manage their online marketing efforts and website so they could stick to what they do best, getting people back into their original physical shape.

Heavily involved in philanthropy, Prairie Trail supports their local community by donating and actively participating with Nonprofit Organizations. They’re also involved with the community by coaching and volunteering at local amateur sporting events.


Increase organic traffic and begin investing in online lead generation in order to decrease reliance on word-of-mouth referrals. Make it easier for visitors to the website convert to leads. Increase the Google Map Packs ranking to generate more leads from local searches, especially via smartphones.


Optimize the website to make it more functional, relevant, informational and conversion ready. Fully optimize the aspects of the website that Google’s algorithm looks for to rank on the top of searches. Use outreach tactics to get guest post placement in industry relevant blogs and publications. Redesign and optimize the social media accounts for consistency. Launch paid Facebook/Instagram and Google AdWords campaigns.


  • 778 organic visitors per month (a 274% increase)
  • The bounce rate is below 50%, and the average amount of time spent on their page is up by 20 seconds
  • In a single month 101 phone calls were received, coming directly from Google searches; and 54 new unique leads/requests for appointments from organic searches.
  • 70 conversions per month as a result of paid Google campaigns. $10/conversion (lead) and a 16.5% increase in their conversion rate
  • As a result of the Facebook/Instagram Ads campaign- there have been an additional 500-600 clicks to the Prairie Trails website. There has been a 20% increase in overall leads due to this traffic.
  • An ROI of 1000% from all campaigns combined (from $2,500 invested to $25,920 worth of revenue)

What Prairie Trail says about More Hot Leads:

“Last month alone, More Hot Leads increased our organic traffic by 50% – resulting in 10 new patients that would not have booked otherwise. We are now getting more calls from Google organic than paid and we are showing up on the maps too! I am very happy with my choice to go with Daniel and More Hot Leads.”
– Gina Imbrogno, Owner, Prairie Trail Physiotherapy


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