Local Maps Optimization

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Local Google Maps Optimization

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Local Google Maps Optimization

Ever wonder why your direct competition, the guys and gals just down the street or across town, that does exactly what you do (but obviously not as well) gets more business than you?



Being seen online isn’t just about having a good website or logo or reputation. As a localized provider that relies on being found by people in your surrounding areas, it is crucial that you appear not just in organic Google searches, but also in the maps. People want results right now, and they don’t want to look forever. They typically go with one of the first few options that they see. This is why the companies in the maps get more calls, traffic and customers than those that aren’t. There is a visual representation of where you sit in relation to where the person is that is searching (the pins on the map), as well the option to call just by tapping a couple time on their phone.  There’s also reviews and directions on how to get there, making it super easy for the person doing the searching to decide in an instant.

This is where you want to be, but how do you get your business to appear in the top 3 of the maps?


The Solution? Optimize for Local Google Maps

There’s a lot of science and a little bit of art to it, and we are the nobel prize winners and Picasso. By either creating a Google My Business profile or optimizing your existing one, as well as making sure your entire online ecosystem is properly synced and optimized, we put your business in a position to be one of the 3 red pins on a Google map.

How Does it Work?

For our local Google maps optimization service, we start by creating a new Google My Business profile, or optimizing your existing one. Then we make sure it is complete with pictures, pricing, hours of operation, payment types accepted, a description of your business, and other details. After that, we go through all of your existing social profiles and other online properties to make sure all information is synced. We then create a whole slew of new entries and profiles in other various online directories and platforms, again all synced to create an online connected organism that Google recognizes as you, understanding what you sell and who should see you.


Why Should I Care?

Have you ever searched for pizza in your area, and clicked or called on one of the first places that comes up? You are not alone, this is what almost everyone does. So wouldn’t you prefer that it’s you that they see at the top instead of having to rely on the people that actually go past the first few entries (This is about 1% of the online searching population, btw).  By optimizing and syncing your entire online ecosystem, you are proactively setting your business up to appear in the maps!

Great. I’m In. Sign Me Up!

We look forward to helping your business generate more leads. Just add this service to your cart, continue shopping and/or check out,  and we will get started ASAP.

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