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Facebook Retargeting Campaign Setup

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Did you know that 75% of visitors will look for multiple service providers when making a choice of who to purchase from?

By adding retargeting to your website marketing, you will entice past visitors to return to your website and increase the chances of them choosing you over your competitors.




So What’s The Solution?

By showing ads to people who have already visited specific pages on your site or interacted with your brand online, you are increasing their chances of returning to your site and becoming a paying customer.

How Does it Work?

how retargeting worksWe start by adding a Facebook pixel to your website so we can track the people who have visited your website. Then we create an ad campaign on Facebook (and Instagram) specifically for those past visitors. Perhaps it will entice them to convert by offering them a juicy discount or maybe it is just a friendly reminder that it is about time to book their next appointment with you. Whatever it is, we will cater the message to your desired call to action or conversion goal.

Note. You will be required to have a minimum budget of $3/day to run the retargeting ads.


Why Should I Care?

Have you ever gone to do something online only to be interrupted and then completely forget about it? It happens to all of us! That is why it is important to bring those people who never finished interacting with your website back into your online ecosystem and increase their chances of becoming a loyal paid customer. By implementing retargeting, you are being proactive in increasing your overall conversions!

Great. I’m In. Sign Me Up!

We look forward to helping your business generate more conversions by implementing a retargeting campaign so that you can show even more customers just how awesome you are. Please sign up below and we will get you setup with the retargeting ASAP.

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