Site Health Audit, Deep Scan and Error Correction Plan


Your site probably has errors that even your designer doesn’t know about. Fix them, get more traffic, get more sales.

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Site Health Audit, Deep Scan and Error Correction Plan

Your website has errors. Every site has them, it’s inevitable. Some are worse than others. They might not affect you at all. Or, they might tell Google to never send people your way. They likely fall somewhere in between. Examples are multiple pages with the same content, missing pages that cause 404 errors, and pages that do not focus on any particular keyword, to name a few.

No matter what though, an error is an error, and can have a negative impact on rankings and traffic.


Fix Your Site and Reap the Benefits

By fixing the problems and bringing your site to an even playing field, you are signaling to Google that you care about your site, which implies that you care about the interaction between it and your site visitors, which is of extreme importance to Google’s algorithms. This in turn will cause Google to want to refer more people to your site by way of showing you higher in the rankings.

Whatever the case, it’s holding you back. Good news though, it’s totally fixable.


The Solution? Scan, Audit, And A Detailed Plan For How To Fix It All

What can you do to remedy this? First things first, we run an audit. By scanning your site with our proprietary tools, we pore over it with a fine toothed comb. We scan every nook and cranny, looking for dead links, underoptimized pages, missing keywords, thin content, duplicate content and more.


Then we map out a plan for your designer or marketer to remedy the issues. Don’t have someone to do it? We can do it.


Why Should I Care?

Like most things that are website and Google related, it all comes down to traffic and sales. When Google sees that you are serious about your online presence, and want your visitors to have what’s known as a good customer journey, you will be rewarded.

Great. I’m In. Sign Me Up!

Congrats on taking a small step to improve your business. Just add this service to your cart, continue shopping and/or check out,  and we will get started on understanding what ails your site, and how remedy it.

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