Site Speed Audit and Optimization


Are you losing customers by not having a fast loading website?

Figure what’s slowing your site down, and optimize it. More traffic, more sales.


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Are you losing customers by not having a fast loading website?

Did you know that 90% of website visitors will leave a website if it takes longer than 2 seconds to load? If your site is taking forever to load, think of how many potential customers you are missing out on! 

By making your website load FAST, you will increase your overall site visitors, and ultimately increase the number of customers!



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If your score is LESS than an A, then YOU NEED TO SPEED IT on!


Site Speed Audit and Optimization

You know when you go to someone's website, and it's loading too slow so you bounce, never to return? Well, if your business's website is slow, that's exactly what they're doing to you. You lose customers that way. Plus, Google doesn't like slow sites, so if yours isn't at a level that is considered satisfactory, you'll be penalized in the rankings and other sites will leapfrog you. To recap, slow site = less customers and worse rankings.



Speed Up Your Site and Reap the Benefits

Have you ever heard of this company called Amazon? They had a site speed issue where a 1 second lag time in loading pages cost them 1.6 BILLION dollars a year. That is higher than the GDP of some small countries. We wish for you to be in a situation where you are talking about numbers that big. Check out some of the other numbers in this piece about slow load times, and you'll see just how important it is for both traffic and sales.

Maybe the images on your site are too heavy. Maybe there's too much code for a web browser to read quickly. Maybe you have too many plugins on the back end, and it just makes the overall site super-heavy.

Whatever the case, it's holding you back. Good news though, it's totally fixable.


The Solution? Optimize Optimize Optimize

What can you do to remedy this? There are many techniques that can do this, but first you have to know what the problems are because not all site speed issues are created equal. First things first, run an audit. There are many tools out there where you give them the link to your site, and they comb through all the elements and break down every issue.


Then it's just a question of what the issues are and how to fix them.

If you have heavy images, you need to go in one by one and replace them one by one with compressed versions. If you have a site that has a bunch of plugins, you need to see which ones you are really using and of those, what you can get rid of. Another issue is all of the code placed in the parts of a website that no one sees. It's possible to use a tool that allows you to put all of the heavy code somewhere else, and you just put a small snippet of code on your site, so that when someone comes to your site, all that code is only loaded at that moment.


How Do You Do This For Me?

First, we run an audit with special tools that Google and other sites like Gmetrix created for developers. We then take that report and go one by one through all of the issues, continuously comparing the site speed we started with the new one after each improvement until we have fixed all the issues. After that, you have a site that can run as fast as possible.


Why Should I Care?

People do not have patience any more. That means that if your website doesn’t load immediately, they are more than likely to bounce back to where they came from and CHOOSE YOUR COMPETITION INSTEAD! By offering a quick and smooth website load experience, you will make sure that you are retaining interested visitors to your website and increase your overall web conversions.

Great. I’m In. Sign Me Up!

Congrats on taking a small step to improve your business. Just add this service to your cart, continue shopping and/or check out,  and we will get started on making your site faster ASAP.

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