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Educational Sales Funnel

The internet is a huge place. There are billions of people looking everyday for what you provide. All they need is to be shown why you are the person to fill the void that they currently possess.

It’s not enough to just throw an ad up on Google or Facebook, or heaven forbid Yellow Pages, and hope that people click through to your site and buy something. No-siree-bob.

A funnel is like a well oiled machine, each part intricately researched and designed to do its job and seamlessly fit in with the pieces before and after it.


So what do you need to know to make this well oiled machine?

educational sales funnel

First, you need to know your dream customer inside and out.

Put aside marketing and sales for a second, and think to yourself, where do they hang out? What do they do for fun? What is their family status? And on and on. This will help you figure out how and where to target them. Maybe Facebook and Google aren’t the best places to find them. Maybe there are online forums and lifestyle websites instead. We’ll research and discover all of their in’s and out’s.

Second, what do you have to offer?

What sort of content or offer can you extend to your dream customer that gives them free value? This will hook them into your space, and make them curious for more. Once they are there and you have gained their initial trust, it’s time to guide them up the ladder of products and services you offer, gradually showing them higher value and price point each step of the way. Think you only have one thing to offer, and that there are no steps to higher price points in your business? You do, you just don’t know it yet. Together we’ll figure it out.

Last, but no less important, is how to talk to them.
The best way to get someone to trust you is to relate to them and show that you are like them, not someone that is just trying to sell something. We’ll help you figure out the persona that best fits you, your business, and your dream customer.

The Result

Once we have figured this all out and have your funnel running like a well oiled machine, it will cease to be a funnel and will transform into a faucet, one that you can turn off and on when ever you need more customers, or have so many that you can’t handle taking on anymore.

Give them what they need, in the way that they want to hear it, and they will become loyal customers and brand ambassadors for you.


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