Search Engine Marketing Agency

Search Engine Marketing Agency

Search Marketing

Guiding customers towards your business

90% of people who use search engines click on an ad or an organic result on the first page. That means if your company doesn’t pop up on that first page of results, chances are, you won’t be found.

Search marketing places your company in a position where you’ll be seen by near 100% of searchers (read: potential customers looking for your services/products). This will help to increase your sales and keep your company on top – where it belongs.

Search marketing places your company in your potential customer’s line of sight

Whether you’re a web-based business selling products or services around the world, or a neighbourhood brick and mortar focussing on local clientele, More Hot Leads uses the latest effective Search marketing techniques to push your business into your customer’s view.

The basis of search marketing is keyword research. From there it branches out into:



We build a solid foundation for your search marketing, based on keywords that are specific to your business, which people are searching for, and are most likely to convert into sales. We then create a plan, employing both organic (or non-paid) as well as paid search results to help bump you to the top of those search engine results pages (SERP).

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is comprised of two pillars:

  • How your site is constructed (on-site)
  • The amount and quality of sites linking to yours (off-site)

Make a site that is user friendly, and populate it with content that is relevant to your chosen keywords, and you have the first pillar. The next is trickier – trying to convince other sites to link back to yours. We help business build both pillars of SEO so when people search for a service or product they find you.



For most searches, the very first results will be ads. Companies bid for the right to pop up first for certain keywords and when a viewer clicks on their ad, that company pays their bid to the search engine. These come in two forms: text ads, that show up in search results and banners, which show up on google partner sites. Each needs to be carefully crafted to take advantage of the position you are paying to be in.

Effective online marketing

Marketing online is an ever-changing, complex challenge. It’s very easy to create a search marketing plan that no one sees as they brush past on their search. At More Hot Leads, we supply you with results through effective advertising, ultimately converting your viewers into buyers.


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