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What You Need to Know About SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization lies at the heart of our philosophy. It is one of the most cost effective and highest converting forms of online traffic generation available. There are over 3.5 billion Google searches performed each day, which works out to 40,000 searches every second. This growth emphasizes the importance of your website’s presence in search engine results now more than ever. However, just being present is not enough. With so many people out there choosing only one of the top 5 websites in the search results, it only stands to reason that your business needs to be at the top if you want to be seen by the people looking for you.

The two main pillars of SEO: On-page and Off-page

On-page refers to the optimization of the website’s text and the code behind it to make it more Google search friendly. More often than not, this is first stage of the SEO process. Once completed, it is time to build up the website’s authority and trust. This is aided by off-page factors such as external links coming to your site, social signals (mentions, likes, retweets, etc…), and brand mentions (to name a few). We use all of the most up-to-date search engine optimization techniques to prepare your site to be noticed and climb up the rankings.


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Google has an algorithm that determines who shows up in its coveted searches. This algorithm is like a giant soup recipe that consists of a slew of different ingredients, and it is important to make sure that each one is added properly, so that the Google ranking soup turns out just right.

These components can be broken down into three general concepts that Google wants to see:

  • Relevance – Is the webpage you want to rank relevant to the search term? To determine this, the algorithm looks in the content and code to see if the search term and variants of it are mentioned.
  • Trust – Can Google trust your website? Google looks to see if, and how many, other websites are linking to yours.
  • Authority – Is your website an authority in your niche or industry? Google combines the trust and relevancy aspects here, and adds other metrics like how long are people staying on your site, how quickly do they leave, how much traffic you get each month, or if your site is structured properly This is the really soupy part of the algorithm.

This combination of the activities used to build the aforementioned relevance, trust, and authority will push your business up in the rankings over the course of 6-12 months, depending on your industry and the competition level. The best part is, since Google likes continuity, once you’re at the top of the rankings, it’s hard to dislodge you and the traffic just keeps on coming.


  • Market Control

Some of the activities we perform when getting you ranked:

  • Enrichment and creation of site content with the keywords for which you’d like to rank.
  • Structuring the site in such a way that explains to search engines exactly what it is that they are viewing.
  • Optimization of metas, titles, and images.
  • Website conversion rate optimization and enhancements.
  • Local map listing optimization to get your business listed in Google’s “3 pack” map results.
  • Building and placement of incoming backlinks to your site from other relevant domains.
  • Optimization of social profiles.
  • Establishment of other web properties that link to your site.
  • Making sure you have a good amount of social signals (likes, shares,  +1’s, etc.) because Google LOVES those.
  • Google penalty avoidance, risk management and recovery (if needed).
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