Targeted Margeting

Targeted Marketing

Targeted Marketing

Helping you find your target audience

The internet is too big to depend on the old methods of advertising. If you’re not utilizing every tool available to ensure your marketing finds the right ears and eyes, then you’re wasting your time and money.

Targeted marketing is an integral part of creating an effective online marketing plan, driving each of your advertising dollars further by showing your ads only to the appropriate audience. The premise behind this tactic is that certain platforms like Facebook or Instagram allow you to show your ads or promos only to certain people by using specific demographic criteria as targeting options, so that only those that you have singled out will see your ads.

Finding you new customers

When potential customers are properly discovered and marketed to, your online marketing campaign goes from ‘a spray and pray’ model, to a well-researched, planned campaign that will get you in front of the eyes of potential customers.

This targeted Marketing works through three avenues:

  1. Data collection – Through social media channels, like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn, we collect data about users that will help us find fertile ground for your ads.
  2. Data analysis – Scrutinizing this customer and sales data, we find potential customer types that will be most receptive to your business, laying the groundwork for your online ad campaign.
  3. Implementation – Finally, we place you in front of your target audience, encouraging engagement with solid content or irresistible offers.

Work with a targeted marketing expert

The key to creating a successful, effective online marketing campaign is defining exactly who your dream client is. MHL helps you break down exactly who should be seeing your ads and website, and then we build a tailored plan to do just that.  

More Hot Leads specializes in broadening your online marketing presence. Through social media campaigns we can help you reach people who had never considered your product, giving you another layer of exposure room to grow.

And, with a proper targeted marketing campaign, you’ll reap results that will lead to continued business growth for years to come. Our Targeted marketing campaign includes Facebook advertising, Youtube advertising, Linkedin Ads, and Instagram ads among others.


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