The Top 10 Things to Do In Vancouver BC

The Top 10 Things to Do In Vancouver BC

If you ask someone what are the top businesses in Vancouver, British Columbia, you would get a variety of answers. The reason for this is because there are so many criteria for making a list of the top businesses in any metropolitan city. What makes a business find itself on a top 10 list? After all, you could be asking about the top 10 businesses in relation to profit, longevity, total sales, number of employees, and so forth. However, this article will discuss the top 10 businesses in Vancouver in regards to the best place to work.

Recently, a study was done on the top 10 places to work in Vancouver BC. It is an interesting list that includes companies that are involved in retail sales, education, pharmaceuticals, and communication. The top 10 list from #1 through to #10 include companies such as Lush Cosmetics, University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, Ledcor, Best Buy, Lululemon Athletica, Telus Communications, Fraser Health Authority, London Drugs, and at the end of the list, Aritzia.

UBC, Vancouver, BC

In today’s job market many job seekers are searching for the perfect fit. They want to understand what a perspective company is like to work for before they jump aboard. This recent study noted that the top 10 companies provided outstanding employee experiences. The companies received praise from the employees for their continuing commitment to offer things such as a great work-life balance, culture, pay, and benefits.

This top 10 list was compiled based on different reviews from January 2016 until January 2018. The study outlined employee experiences in regards to job security, advancement, benefits, salary, work-life balance, culture, and management. True, the top 10 list has companies that span a number of fields. However, the common thread in every one of the employee reviews was that each company fostered a great corporate culture and place to work at. They also cultivated team mentality, open communication, and a sense of community.

Even though there is a diversity of various industries being represented in this list it is interesting to know that there is one universal thing among all of these companies. All of these various companies try to optimize happiness for their employees. They also try to invest in a workforce that will continually attract and retain talented employees.

For example, if you travel to the Telus website and look under career opportunities you will see a few interesting statements being made by the company in regards to attracting new employees. The first statement that you will notice is that the company details how the will put the customer at the heart of everything that they do. They will continue to learn and listen so as to deliver the best experience possible.

One happy employee commented that he has enjoyed a varied and exciting career at Telus. He began by assisting with the building of the underwater Internet which connects the world to Telus. Also, he had a position as an international submarine cable planner. Plus, transforming how doctors deliver care with his position as part of the Telus Health Leadership Team.

This young man has seen his career grow through progressive leadership positions. He finishes his comment with the statement that only at Telus would he be able to enjoy this type of career diversity. Telus, as a company, believes in a harmonious relationship between its team members, the company, and the prosperity and health of the community.

Yes, there are many top businesses in Vancouver when it comes to making money. However, money is not always the measuring stick for success. This recent study shows that employees consider company integrity as the primary reason for success.

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