Things To Do In Vancouver,BC In 2018.

There are few places in the world where you can surf, take a walk through the best urban park in the world or be transported back in time over 5000 years in a day. Vancouver is such a place. It has a fantastic rainforest and a tremendous mountain range and is one of the most exciting cities in Canada. It has numerous parks, breath-taking seawalls and amazing lakes and rivers to explore. So, what are some of the things that you can do in Vancouver? We will guide you through some of them.

Drive Up The Sea-To-Sky Highway.

It has been rated as one of the most beautiful drives in the world. It is an adventure that you should not miss out on. The sea-to-sky highway is a 1.5-hour drive starting from the downtown of Vancouver to the town of Whistler, which is known as the ski town. You will see waterfalls, fantastic vistas, a centre for cultural activities and a suspension bridge as you drive. Get yourself a camera and gas up the car ready for the trip. You could also plan to pack some lunch for the journey and have a picnic on the way. Amazing, right?

Cycle Around Stanley Park.

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Do you want to have fun while getting your fitness in check? Worry no more. According to Trip Advisor, it was chosen as the world’s best park. Who wouldn’t want to see why it was given such a title? So, why is it this great? It has an old-growth forest, you can have a tan on the bach and also visit some Aboriginal sites as you cycle. You could also see some sea lions and the Pacific Dolphins. It is an experience that would make you yearn for more. You will enjoy this. You can rent a bicycle on Denman street, and off you go for an unforgettable adventure.

Windowshop In Gastown.

Gastown is a neighbourhood in Vancouver that was named after Gassy Jack, a historical figure. In 1867, it was the third largest city in Vancouver. It has some fantastic European eateries, lounges that offer breath-taking cocktails and some flashy boutiques. You will see many places where you could buy Canadiana.

Do Some Kayaking In Deep Cove.

Is getting up and close with mother nature your version of a perfect vacation activity? Then, worry not! You could do some ocean kayaking in Deep Cove which is one of the best places to do so in this city. It is very tranquil, and you will be excited by the forest creatures which come to the water’s edge to greet you with curiosity.

Have High Tea At The Fairmont.

You could combine two of the oldest Vancouver traditions by taking high tea in this hotel that has roots back in the railroad era. Take the elevator to the fifteenth floor once you get there and prepare yourself to enjoy the most exquisite tea of Fairmont. You will have a fantastic city view from there and appreciate how beautiful this place is.

Take A Foodie Tour.

Any style cuisine that you can dream of, you will not miss it here. Vancouver is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world. It has an immense culinary influence from sushi, to the most fantastic farm-to-table meals. You could hop on a foodie tour and pair up this food scene with some craft beer and the wine industry here. It would make it a delicious day for you. Dig in!

Vancouver is an incredible city. It is one of the cities in the world that you will want to visit more than twice. If you are lost for choice, you could start with the above activities. You will not be disappointed and will not want to leave it just yet.

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