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Stop relying on
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Stop relying on word of mouth to fill your lead pipeline
We use online marketing strategies to drive leads to your business, so no more sleepless nights worrying about

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Before we even talk marketing, we need to understand your goals and needs. Once we nail those down, we’ll be able to figure out which of our Vancouver digital/ internet marketing services (if any) are right for you. From there, we’ll use our creativity and experience to craft a custom strategy that matches your goals with the proper marketing tactics. Whether it’s ranking high organically on Google with SEO, acquiring new leads via targeted paid ads on Facebook or LinkedIn, or helping you brand yourself with content and video marketing, we will help your company grow by delivering you more consistent leads to your business so that your business can focus on what it does best and not worry about when your next client, job or customer will come

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Through careful keyword research and website optimization tactics, we will improve your organic rankings across the search engines, providing a long-term and sustainable flow of traffic and leads.

Paid Advertising

If you need an immediate boost of leads, running paid campaigns on Google, Bing, and Facebook will help you drive the traffic and leads you need now.

Web Design

It might be shallow, but people judge books by their cover and your site is no exception. An aesthetically pleasing, informational and properly optimized website will convert traffic into customers.

Online Funnels

You need 6 to 9 contacts with a person before they become a client. Funnels automate that process by capturing contact info from organic and paid traffic, and sending automated emails

Case Studies

See how our Vancouver digital marketing & SEO helped some of our clients achieve results

Hippo CMMS

A completely audited website, improved and optimized. Connections bridged with industry giants to increase awareness & popularity. Bringing them thousands of new leads each month.

Prairie Trail Physiotherapy

A fully optimized website, SEO, rejuvenated social-media profiles, & paid Facebook/Instagram and Google Ads campaigns. Putting the clinic at the top of local searches.

Matthew T. Singer, Attorney, Overseas-Contractors.com

A new website and search engine optimization to get him to the top of a narrow, but competitive niche

EverYoung Medical Aesthetics Center

A redesigned website, complete with Search Engine Optimization, and maximum local-relevancy. Making a much smoother experience for future clients.

Case Studies

See how our Vancouver digital marketing & SEO helped some of our clients achieve results

Aligned with you & your business’ marketing goals.

Your Partners

Working alongside you, there to answer questions or help with any issues. Contact us whenever.

In the Loop

Get updates and progress reports as we share in the joy of watching you climb up the rankings.

Your Investment

This is your money and we appreciate that you trust us with it. We optimize and streamline to max your ROI.

The Curve

We strive to stay ahead of it, always learning, for us and for you.

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Our goal is to get your business ranked in the top three because that’s where most of the clicks go. Clicks = traffic and traffic = business. Not everyone can get you there, so here are 6 things to consider when looking for a Vancouver SEO company.

seo vancouver agency1.  First and foremost, patience is the name of the game. Improved rankings takes time. Since search engine optimization naturally pushes you up in searches, results are not instant. Anyone who promises otherwise, is not being straightforward with you. If you need instant visibility on search results, we suggest running a PPC campaign.

2.  If a local SEO Vancouver provider has pricing packages right on their site, chances are you will not get the results that you desire. Each and every business has different needs and goals, so how exactly can someone tell you what it will cost to help you if they have never spoken with you or seen your site?

3.  Ask to see what they are ranking for as well as other customers ranking results. It is important for a company that specializes in ranking websites to have some ranked.

4.  Credibility. Make sure their testimonials and references are readily available and accessible. Social proof is a good preview of the service and product you’ll receive, this obviously goes for anything not just online marketing. Plus they must be able to RANK WEBSITES! Here are some of our top local Vancouver rankings we have achieved for our clients: here, here, here and here.

5.  Your best interests come first. Most large agencies have hundreds of other clients with concurrently running activities. It is hard to provide top results when you have to do it for so many people at once. (Hint, these might be the same companies offering ready-made pricing packages). If you need SEO services in Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Delta or anywhere else in the Lower Mainland, British Columbia, it’s good to know your success, and not just your dollars, is important.

6.  Are they being realistic and honest? Any given online marketing company will promise you the moon just to get you to sign with them. However, when it comes to ranking in Google, sometimes, it takes a lot more than you think. A good consultant will be straightforward with you, explaining to you just how much work is needed in order to get your business ranking on top of the SERPs with our SEO Vancouver services.

We take pride on aligning ourselves with you, your business, and your goals. There are no pre-packaged pricing options here, as we treat each and every one of our clients with the unique respect that they deserve. Our Vancouver SEO results speak for themselves and our testimonials are out in the open for you to see. Perhaps most importantly, we will be straightforward with you. If we feel that ranking your website will take a lot more time, money and patience to achieve the desired outcome, we will tell you. We enjoy helping our clients grow their businesses by jumping to the top of the search results, just know that it is a journey.


vancouver search engine optimization comapanyWhat Can You Expect From Our Vancouver SEO Services?

Search engine optimization ensures your website’s visibility to those that are looking for you. Keep the customers that are seeking your services away from your competitors by ranking ahead of them. The effects of a properly conducted local SEO campaign can last for quite a long time, lead to a huge increase in online traffic, a stronger online presence, widespread brand awareness and most importantly, more revenue.

digital marketing agency vancouverLong Term Digital Marketing Strategy, Sustainable SEO Rankings that Last Guaranteed!

If you are a local business owner or even manage a large international company and are having problems getting in front of your prospective customer base, then search engine optimization could be what you need. Whether it is through Google PPC Ads or organic SEO, we can help get your business in front of  your target audience. Get your business’ website ranked on the top of the organic searches and get seen by the people that matter most, the ones that are already looking for you.

If you are like most business owners, you went on your own because if you’re going to make money for someone, it should be you. That’s why we did it. Through good times and bad, peaks and valleys, the business is your way to make a living, doing what you like, and for those lucky enough, doing what you love. But like the saying goes, work to live, don’t live to work. Work is a means to an end. We believe in creating win-win partnerships with our clients. Making money is for providing for our families, taking that vacation you always wanted, buying that classic corvette, or saving for your dream house. We understand that every dollar you spend with us could have been spent elsewhere. We do not take that for granted and we appreciate the confidence you’ve placed in us.


If you are ready to jump on in and use our Vancouver Digital Marketing services, then….

Our Other Internet Marketing Services:

Although our specialty is search engine optimization, we also offer a variety of other online marketing services including:

  • Web Design
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Video SEO/Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Google AdWords
  • Marketing Automation & Sales Funnels Set Up
  • Link Audits
  • Linkbuilding
  • YouTube Advertising & more!

Click the above button to get in touch with us and we will be able to provide you with the best solution that works with your business!

Where to Find Us:

Although we are located just minutes away from Downtown Vancouver, BC, we also serve amazing businesses throughout the Greater Vancouver areaFraser Valley and Okanagan – including Richmond, White Rock, Surrey, Burnaby, Whistler and Kelowna!

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