Facebook Ads – A Social Media Marketing Strategy That Sells

Facebook Ads – A Social Media Marketing Strategy That Sells

Social media isn’t just a great way to keep in touch with friends and loved ones or check out what your favorite celebrities are doing these days; social media also presents businesses with a golden opportunity to connect with prospects and loyal customers. Research indicates that in 2018, 95% of online users aged 18-34 are more likely to follow a brand via social media. With such significant numbers behind social media, it makes sense to incorporate social media marketing in a company’s marketing strategy.

Done right, using social media for marketing can redefine your business and make sales skyrocket. Get it wrong, and the consequences will be dire. So how do you go about successfully marketing your business using social media?

The key to helping your company scale with the help of social media is the know-how of each platform. As a whole, social media is diverse and with a lot of technicalities involved. Moreover, each platform is unique and requires its own distinct techniques. Therefore, to successfully use social media to build awareness, gain new customers and ultimately increase sales, conquer and divide. Tackle each platform independently. So, for now, we’ll turn our attention to Facebook.


How To Successfully Market Your Business On Facebook.

Before you get to the details, here’s a look at Facebook statistics every business should know in 2019:

  • In the U.S. Facebook shares have the #1 influence on Google search rankings followed by backlinks.
  • 56% of Facebook users go online and check their Facebook pages on a daily basis.
  • 79% of Americans use Facebook.
  • Approximately 50 million businesses use Facebook pages.
  • 93% of social media advertisers and marketers regularly make use of Facebook ads.
  • 26% of Facebook users who clicked on ads make a purchase.


Not tapping into Facebook for marketing? According to the numbers above, not only are you missing out, but Facebook can be a worthwhile business marketing tool. Here are expert tips on how to do it right:

Use Picture & Videos

Today, the world is chaotic and ever-busy, people are ever engaged in one thing or another, and as a result, attention spans are short. Want to boost engagement? Consider posting more pictures and videos on Facebook. Facebook is about fun and visuals are some of its appeals. However, you shouldn’t post just any picture and visuals, everything you post must be professional. Visuals not only help boost engagement but also increase conversions.   


Be Human

Chatbots are becoming quite popular since they provide a sense of emergency. However, while chatbots might soon be a part of social media marketing strategies in 2019, people still want a real connection with your business. They don’t wish to get auto-generated answers to their questions or posts on your company’s Facebook page. All users on social media including Facebook like to indulge with a business that feels human – personal.

Start discussions, conversations, show appreciation, reply to comments as fast as possible and nurture relationships. The algorithm used by Facebook rewards posts that have likes, comments or any other interactions. If you don’t act or interact humanly, then chances are people won’t talk about your business and Facebook won’t show your posts. Not to mention they’ll know they’re not getting a real answer, which is kind of a turn off.  


Promote With Facebook Ads

Want to stay ahead of the curve and take your business to the next level? Set aside a budget for paid Facebook ads. Often companies will ask: Why use Facebook ads to market your business? Isn’t using Facebook ads a hard sell? Here’s why it is imperative to use Facebook ads to market your business:

  1. Facebook ads are the most accurate targeted form of advertising – Facebook ads don’t sell aggressively to customers; instead, they are relevant to conversations and are naturally shown to a specific audience. Facebook ads are often eerily accurate and have the power to help market your business without annoying customers. With Facebook advertising, you are able to pick an audience based on contact info, behaviors, interests, demographics and location.
  2. A majority of existing and potential customers spend their time on social media.
  3. Facebook ads are appealing to the eye and work on all devices and connection speeds.
  4. Your business can utilize Facebook ads even on a budget – Sometimes, you can spend up to $5 and still reach 1,000 people.
  5. Facebook ads provide analytics – The results of using Facebook ads are measurable which make it possible to assess the performance of your ads accurately and make changes to get better results.

Still not convinced? Check out our post on why you need to commit to your business and invest in online marketing.

Hire Professionals

Facebook ads are a cost-effective and excellent way to market your business in 2019. However, as an entrepreneur or a CEO in a company, traversing the social media marketing territory can be challenging and overwhelming. Opt to delegate Facebook advertising to a Facebook marketing expert. An expert can help you launch, run and leverage all the benefits of your a Facebook advertising campaign. If you’d like to speak to our Facebook Advertising experts, apply for a FREE strategy session.


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